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Duck Tape

Designing strong packaging for a tough brand

Duck Tape is the best known brand of duct tape the world over, and it’s definitely something that everyone should have a roll of lurking in some drawer. But despite most people calling generic duct tape “Duck Tape”, the brand thought they were losing out to those generics where it counted most, on the shelves of DIY stores. My brief was to redesign the packaging for their Duck Tape, Duck Tape Ultimate and Duck Masking Tape for both consumers and trade, and reassert the Duck Tape product.


The packs have a number of jobs to do: communicate the premium quality of the product; display the product benefits and details; create a unified brand family across the full product range, and show the brand personality – i.e. something that will make the consumer want to pick it off the shelf and keep going back for more.


My solution was to make the brand logo as proud as possible, sitting it over a simple and strong brand green with supporting graphics that mimic layers of tape. This made the product information very clear, while easily allowing changes of product type and colour to feature prominently, and giving the packs a confident brand look that is definitely not just a DIY store generic. 


Go check out a real pack in your local store now!

Duck Tape packaging designs

Duck Tape Ultimate and Duck Tape Original packaging

Duck Masking Tape packaging designs

Duck Masking Tape and Duck Tape trade packaging

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