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UCI World Track Cycling Championship 2016

Branding the UCI World Track Cycling Championships for London 2016

In 2016 British Cycling hosted the prestigious UCI Track Cycling World Championships at the former Olympic Velodrome in Lee Valley VeloPark, London. This is the major tournament of each year where all the top cycling stars would go to try and earn their elite UCI striped jersies.


The challenge was to create something that worked within the UCI’s brand guidelines, but showed the power, exhilaration and excitement of the races and embraced the drive and emotions of the participants.


After a research trip with my copywriter colleague to watch some of the British Cycle Team train in Manchester, my idea was to take everyday phrases, and then tweak and twist them to show what racing means to the riders.


I designed and wrote the brand guidelines for the event along with some posters, venue banners and scrim. These were then passed on to the British Cycling design team to do a full event roll-out. The result was a record 50,000+ tickets sold making it the biggest UCI Track Cycling World Championships to date.

The brand guidelines

Event banners and track-side scrim

My merchandise concept for a pack of UCI branded pencils

My retouched event photography

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