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Branding & Logos

Whether I’m designing a single logo for a local company, or a full corporate rebrand with guidelines documents for a national organisation, I always aim to capture a brand’s essence. Something that will make it unique, memorable and resonate with their audience.

Take a look at the logos I’ve designed below, or scroll further to see brand guidelines...

Whisper Hotels

I created both the name and logo for Giant Hospitality’s brand of hotels. I designed the logotype to be a visual metaphor for the word “whisper”.


I designed the new brand identity for HomeServe. To maintain continuity from the old logo, I kept the house icon, but then changed the colour and crafted the letters in the font to be smiley and friendly.

Bronx Originals Clothing

I designed this logo for Bronx Originals Clothing to have a classic American feel. It had to work well on clothing labels and swing tags. The winged “B” could also be used independently on tabs and tickets.

Discover Huddersfield

Discover Huddersfield is a non-profit company that leads guided walks to showcase the town’s interesting and historical sites. This master brand logo uses all the colours of the rainbow to suggest the range and variety of sights you can see.


I designed this logo for a local dog grooming salon. The furry gold outline contains a smooth and well-groomed dog.

Hudderfield The Place To Make It

This logo stamp that I designed for Kirklees Council is used as a branding mark by businesses who’ve invested in the Kirklees region. The tick shape can be used to point to a fact about the region as well as being a shadow that lifts the text off the page.

Brand guidelines

I’ve designed and written brand guidelines for both national and local organisations.

Brand guidelines can be the perfect opportunity to inspire creativity and demonstrate design possibilities for a brand marketing team. But sometimes they simply need to define all the key elements as succinctly as possible, and be the reference point to keep everything consistent. Whichever type I design, I make them clear, precise and user friendly. 

Take a look below...


I created the new brand look for this ​global company and then brought it altogether within a guidelines book.

First Direct

Working with a Creative Director I designed these brand guidelines that ended up in the D&AD Annual.

UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2016

I designed the branding for the most successful UCI Track Cycling World Championships.

Event Marketing Solutions

I created this brand look that took
an existing logo and gave it a
smile and a can-do attitude.

Aesica Pharmaceuticals

I worked as part of a small team to create this brand with a personality that stood out in the industry.


I designed this brand look for Arup’s software house – the leading structural engineering software developer.

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