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Best Western

Designing direct mail to encourage you to explore the country and discover hotels with personality

Best Western Hotels is a unique group of hotels, and because each hotel is so different, this isn’t a monotone chain of identikit hotels. Its strapline and USP reflected the cherished individuality of each of their hotels and locations – Hotels With Personality. 

In all the communications that I designed in partnership with a copywriter, whether TV idents, direct mail or online, we sought to explore the individual personalities of their hotels. The direct mail packs I’ve shown here are a few examples of their winter mailings that I concepted and designed. Best Western planned the winter mailing pack as a key part of their acquisition campaign each year. If you explore the “Expertise” part of my website you will also find some examples of TV idents that I storyboarded and directed (and I even appear in one fleetingly, just don’t blink), as well as some examples of email communications.

I designed the winter mailing below using the flexibility of the Best Western brand to give it the feel of a premium lifestyle magazine. This meant that I could have some fun showing off the truly individual nature of each hotel with a totally unique design. Each spread focuses on a different hotel from right across the country, highlighting a special location or activity that a guest could experience during their stay.

Best Western Winter Campaign direct mail brochure

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