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Time to blow my own trumpet...

I’m an experienced Senior Creative with a cracking history of working in the marketing industry for more than two decades. I have strong skills in branding, art direction, typography, online design, literature (reports, brochures & direct response), film storyboarding and direction, and email marketing. I have won many awards including Direct Marketing Association (DMA) golds and silvers, plus I’ve got a piece of work into a D&AD annual (#proud).

All that is true, but a bit dry... so, like any creative person I’m interested in all kinds of things. I can very happily wile away a day getting through just a couple of rooms in a museum or gallery (yes, I’m that chap taking absolutely ages to read every information card in the glass cabinet with the dusty old stuff inside). I used to have strong feelings about what I really liked in art, but now I appreciate skill, craftsmanship and new perspectives discovered in many pieces of work (although I do confess to a strong like for 16th century portraits – the ones with black backgrounds that feel a little like old passport photographs – definitely no smiling for the artist). 

I’m also drawn to the ancient, the mystery of how seemingly technologically unadvanced people could create and build wonderful things. This has led me to start learning the art of hand-making jewellery, with a view to some day being able to recreate a piece that has been dug up locally. I’m also building a collection of Roman coins of the Emperor Constantine (the chap who was crowned in York) – I see them as a tangible link with our past, and often wonder what stories they could tell. 

However, I like to think of myself as a musician. I’ve been playing the tenor horn in brass bands since I was seven years old, and I’m definitely starting to get the hang of it now. Currently I play with the Wakefield Metropolitan Brass Band, who compete in the first section. But I’ve also taken the brass banding bug a little further, as I have been conducting my local brass band, Knottingley Concert Brass, for nearly ten years – this really is the very essence of team work.

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22 The Haywain

South Milford

North Yorkshire

LS25 5GE

07900 496117

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